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While enjoying a day at the beach this summer, there’s a convenient way to stay safe at your fingertips.  

As the temperatures begin to rise, remember it’s important to have fun the safe way.  On the Health Department’s website, now you can view which beach might be closed or open for your safety and convenience.  

Director of Environmental Health Services, Karen Tobin, says, “we feel that it’s really important… We’ve seen what’s happened at Ohio, where it got to the point where people couldn’t drink the water over there, so here, we’re trying to work together with local task force to get the information out to sample locations throughout the bay, along the lake, and anywhere we feel it could be a risk to people or pets.”

Chelsea Erickson, Environmental Protection Specialist, Chelsea Erickson, showed us some of the signs she made for the website.  

Contaminated beaches will display a red sign and safe beaches will show a green sign.

It took Chelsea six months to put the website together. Tests are done twice a week to check for contamination.

Chelsea tells us, “that seemed very user-friendly and was also easy to see on a cell phone and that’s kind of where I went with it because we’re so interconnected on our phones…”

Beaches that aren’t safe for pets will show a sign with a picture of a dog.  The website already has 8,707 views and went live on Friday.

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