New youth schooling/basketball program

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The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation says the violence has to stop and he’s doing what he can to help.

Bishop Dwayne Brock says he’s seen this city violence grow for decades and he wants to take the youth of today, who may be heading down the wrong path, and change that path.  He believes one way that could happen is a new basketball court on the 11 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. 

This is one basketball court that Bishop Brock says will be quite busy.  

Bishop Brock was with Reporter Dave Belmondo this morning at the shooting on East 20th Street and says, “Once again, we have senseless violence, unnecessary violence, ridiculous violence where a family has been destroyed, lives have been destroyed… It makes no sense whatsoever…  It has to stop now.”

So, Bishop Brock paired up with Mel Witherspoon, Founder of Spoon’s League, to develop a program with the church.  “We will have our security, they will always be safe here,” says Witherspoon.  “The key factor is we’ll have an educational building right next door, so if you don’t go to the workshop, you won’t shoot a jump shot… [We’re going to] keep them off the streets.  We’re going to keep their minds busy and we’re going to get them tired.”


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