Nitro Circus shakes up North East

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Also happening over the weekend, daredevils flipped and flew on bikes, scooters, and more.  Nitro Circus Live attracted thousands of fans to Lake Erie Speedway as nearly 30 athletes performed a mix of stunts, but those daring performances, like rolling down the 40 foot ‘Giganta Ramp’ shows the world what’s possible.

While the stunts are extreme, the athletes say they are the result of years of training.  “It just kind of progressed. I was messing around outside of my house, taking a foot off, taking a hand off, and here we are 30-plus years later and we’re doing back flips and all kinds of crazy stuff on motorcycles,” says Performer Mike Mason.

Nitro Circus tours the world.  The visit to North East is one of 25 stops in North America.

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