No Charges Filed Against Erie Police Officer or Protester Following May 30th Riots According to District Attorney

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Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri announced there were no charges filed in the Erie police case involving a female protester following a month long investigation.

The DA said the officers were not out of line considering everything that took place the night of May 30th adding the officer had the right to use that kind of police force under the circumstances.

District Attorney Jack Daneri will not seek criminal charges against 21-year-old Hannah Silbaugh nor the city of Erie police officer who shoved Silbaugh with his foot.

He added the reason being police needed to get an armored vehicle past protesters along State Street.

Silbaugh’s attorney, Timothy McNair, said they are disappointed the officer was not charged.

“We disagree with that, I think the evidence is very clear,” said McNair.

“Ms. Silbaugh was assaulted when she was kicked in the shoulder,” McNair added.

After multiple interviews as well as reviewing videos from the riot on May 30th, Daneri concluded the officer acted appropriately.

“Yes, the hands-on use of force at that point and time was appropriate,” said Daneri.

“In fact as the officer who did come up and said I’m going to have to taze you if you don’t leave, that got Ms. Silbaugh up to leave.”

McNair disagreed with that notion, adding that it was without question excessive.

“It was unnecessary, it’s not a technique that’s provided for in the City of Erie police use of force policy,” said McNair.

City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember said he hopes the city can now move past the event.

“We’re ready now to move forward and hopefully put this behind us and really start building a better Erie,” the Mayor said.

An unnamed officer was suspended for three days without pay and he will remain on desk duty until he completes sensitivity training.

McNair said they are moving forward with their civil lawsuit in the court of common pleas adding they will push to have the name of the officer involved revealed.

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