No ruling on hearing for Raymond Payne in Debbie Gama case

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Judge Daniel Brabender has yet to make a ruling in the recent degree of guilt hearing for Raymond Payne.

The now 82 year old faced Judge Brabender late last month for his appeal hearing.

Payne plead guilty to homocide in 1977 for the death of his student Debbie Gama. In April of 2019, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled Payne should receive a new degree of guilt hearing based off the fact DNA testing was not available during his original hearing in the 70’s.

If Brabender finds Payne did not intentionally kill Gama, he would be guilty of 3rd degree murder not 1st degree – ultimately leading to his freedom.

Judge Brabender is waiting on hearing transcripts to file his written decision and will then hold a re-sentencing hearing. No date has been set.

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