No tax returns: Wagner says he doesn’t want his workers to know how much money he makes

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It’s three months until election day and some voters are raising concerns about what information they haven’t been given.

Republican candidate for governor Scott Wagner is campaigning on a promise to “protect your paychecks,” but the businessman turned politician is refusing to release his tax returns.

Leaders from the local Republican and Democratic parties share their thoughts on Wagner’s decision.

Verel Salmon, Erie County Republican Committee, “He is involved with many, many businesses. The complexity of the thing is incredible. He’s an honest player and he’s reported everything that is required to be reported.”  

Jim Wertz, Erie County Democratic Party, says, “This is indicative, not only of the candidate and the campaign, but the way Scott Wagner would govern as well. If as a candidate he’s gonna operate with this level of secrecy, what would we expect from his administration?”

Multiple reports indicate the candidate believes his tax returns are no one else’s business, adding that he doesn’t want his workers to know how much money he makes. 

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