Nonprofits across Erie seek ways to get funding to benefit low income communities during unprecedented times

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Nonprofits across Erie are finding ways to get funding to benefit low income communities, especially during these unprecedented times.

We spoke with a community leader to hear about his plan for investing in hope for the the disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Investment in hope is what many organizations are searching for in order to brighten the future for low-income neighborhoods and the people who live there.

“It’s an opportunity to bring hope to this neighborhood,” said Gary Horton, Partner with Minority Community Investment Coalition.

An opportunity that Gary Horton and nine other nonprofit organizations hope to receive. They are requesting 2.5 million dollars in funding through an investment connection program.

The money is earmarked to help disadvantaged neighborhoods. Gary Horton said that poverty in Erie is continuing to increase.

Horton hopes that he can receive the funds in order to build a solar project and housing development in one of Erie’s poorest neighborhoods.

“We hope to create an energy income generating business that can provide energy to people who live in public housing,” said Horton.

The goal is to have a better future for these neighborhoods.

“COVID-19 is impacting the low and moderate income neighborhoods more than others. It’s a really important tool to raise awareness that this is happening,” said May Helen Petrus, Assistant Vice President of Federal Reserve Bank.

The program would help connect with banks that can address the current and future needs of low and moderate income communities.

If Gary Horton’s organization receives the funds it’ll be an opportunity to build housing for those in need.

Petrus added that it’s even more important because nonprofits are facing or could face short falls this year because they’re busy responding to COVID-19.

“We are the Minority Community Investment Coalition believe people should make an investment in minority economic and community development,” said Horton.

Thursday will be the day the ten nonprofit organizations will have a virtual meeting to pitch their proposal for the 2.5 million dollars.

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