North Coast Flight School makes job-growth proposition to Erie Airport

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The Erie Airport Authority Board of Directors met today with a presentation from the North Coast Flight School.  Greg Hayes, the CEO of the school, is looking to build a general aviation center on airport property, offering training in more aviation careers and bringing jobs to Erie.

Hayes spoke to the board and discussed his plan with the airport’s executive director.  He says he will continue the discussion with any board member to get this project rolling.  “We are going to be getting with them as far as financing options and stuff but the idea of having a general aviation center at the Erie International Airport is is monstrous.”

Airport Board of Directors’ Bill Jerin says, “We will wait for proposals as far as architectural designs and what he needs and we are going to work with him as close as we can”.

Also today, the board announces United Airlines’ commitment to two flights a day, seven days a week out of Erie.

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