A local state representative reacted to concerns that a lack of electricity at the North East Marina could sink the facility.

Concerns about a lack of electricity are arising as a new policy by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection agency puts the North East Marina in a position to not stay afloat.

“There will be no electric service for this year’s boating season at the North East Marina and possibly next year and maybe even the year after that,” said Robert Mazza, the former concessionary manager at the North East Marina.

Mazza says future boating seasons will depend on when the new materials for the electric service will be available which was torn out for about half of the docks.

He says the marina not having electricity will leave some boaters with very few options on docking.

“There are a couple of options but for the larger boats that were using the electric, there aren’t very many options for them. Some of the marinas in Erie of course, would be a possibility but they’re all pretty much booked up,” Mazza went on to say.

One North East Township supervisor recalled the marina being a second home for people and without the marina, it could impact the economy.

“They come here, they spend money, they go to local storefronts, they stay here in local motels and Airbnb’s, and I definitely think it will be an economic driver,” said Fredrick “Fritzer” Shunk, a North East Township supervisor.

To help prevent the economy from taking a hit, one state representative said he is willing to help and calls it a no brainer.

“A lot of people are very concerned about it, I would say it’s well worth looking into and see if we can’t find a grant or something to help it out. It’s a no brainer when it comes to revenue, if it brings revenue into the area why not right?” said Jake Banta, Pennsylvania state representative for District 4.

Banta said people can contact him at any of his offices in Waterford, Girard, or North East by phone number or email to voice their concerns.

The residents continue to look for support to rally for solutions for the North East Marina.