North East residents dealing with problem with driftwood piling up on their property

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Homeowners in a North East neighborhood say their frustration is growing as they try to figure out what to do with a large amount of driftwood that’s been piling up on their lake front property.

Driftwood is nothing new to North East residents who live along the lakeshore, but these homeowners say this is the most driftwood they’ve seen in years.

“This wood came in two stages, the first was on Halloween night of this past year,” said Dennis Groce, North East Resident. “We probably got the largest amount of it then. And then again on Thanksgiving weekend.”

Groce added some of the driftwood is making it hard for he and his wife to access their shed. That’s not the only problem they’re facing. One of the issues about getting the driftwood off of the property is how people will access it.

“In terms of getting heavy equipment in, it requires some permission whether you’re coming in from the state side or from other property owners to the west of us.” Groce said.

While Groce is dealing with Driftwood on his private property. North East Borough officials say they are dealing with a driftwood problem at the public Freeport Beach.

The North East borough manager, Patrick Gehrlein released a statement in regards to the reading. The statement reads in part.

“The damage due to excessive erosion and the accumulation of large piles of driftwood have had a tremendous impact on our community. I am sure the borough, township and residents can work together to address this eyesore on our beaches and restore our beautiful lake shore.”

Meanwhile, Groce says if anyone has any solutions to cleaning up the driftwood, he is all ears.

If you are interested in picking up some driftwood on the Groces’ property, you can contact him via email.

The email address is

You can also check out his Facebook page! The link is

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