North Korea preparing for another nuclear weapons test

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There are increasing indications that North Korea is preparing for another nuclear weapons test.

The country has tested a rocket engine which could be used on a ballistic missile capable of reaching the US.  Sources also say there has been a build up of vehicles and personnel at North Korea’s nuclear testing site.  At least one report says a blast could come as soon as the next few days.

Moon Jae-In, South Korean President, says: “Judging from the speed of North Korea’s advancements in nuclear and missile technologies I believe they will acquire such capability in the near future.”

Mark Fitzpatrick, International Strategic Studies says, “I Am pretty sure that North Korea would be ready to test a nuclear weapon almost whenever they make a political decision to do so”.
We’ve learned North Korea might also be willing to at least temporarily suspend its missile and nuclear tests.  If the US were to halt its military exercises with South Korea. 

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