Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy Students start online petition that claims it will stop the transfer of Dean James Vieira

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Dylan Lyons & Alton Northup are students at the Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy. They have started an online petition. It is called “Keep Mr. Vieira at Collegiate.”

“The students do indeed want him to stay,” said Lyons.

The School Board held an executive session Monday. The first time this could be discussed publicly will be at the board meeting on Wednesday.

Until then, the Erie School Board is holding all details in confidence.

James Vieira has said the following in part. “I am not permitted to speak to the media or anyone for that matter, at this time. I am truly sorry,” wrote Vieira.

Monday night around 6:45 p.m., this petition had more than 2,800 signatures.

“In the digital age it’s really easy to get a petition out there,” said student Alton Northup.

Senior at Collegiate Academy Jacob Gehrlein said transferring Vieira would be unfair.

“Mr. Vieira is someone who had the best intentions for this school at heart since he started here as a teacher and he is integral to the community that we’ve built around this school,” said Jacob Gehrlein.

The Erie School Board is expected to vote on Vieira’s transfer when they meet Wednesday evening.

Superintendent Brian Polito is expected to make a statement regarding this matter at that meeting. Students plan to have a sit in at the school on Tuesday.

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