Northwestern High School students swap their vehicles for tractors

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When looking at the Northwestern High School parking lot, normally you would see a variety of cars and trucks, but not today. Instead of hearing the sounds of pop music hits, teachers and residents could hear.

“Every year we have a tailgate in the morning with breakfast food or burgers,” said Northwestern High School Senior Hunter Moore. “Anyone who wants to drive a tractor can drive a tractor. “

9 tractors were brought by students, and in one case, a riding lawnmower. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the mower because Moore’s mower can still hang with the big guys.

” Since teaching at the middle school for 12 years,” said Northwestern High school Principal Natalie Herath. “I’ve been able to watch this happens and unfold every year. It really is a special day for our community.“

Herath says tradition is well coordinated with the school so there are not any surprises when students start rolling in. She says it is nice to see the students having fun. Adding this is a tradition the school can’t lose. 

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