The celebration of Pride continued on Sunday as community members took part in a pride filled drive around Presque Isle.

Participants were encouraged to decorate their vehicles as if they were a personal parade float, while also showing off their pride.

Flags, streamers, and signs were seen on cars. All vehicles were able to safely follow the rules of the road.

The president of the NW PA Pride Association mentioned that this was originally their COVID-19 parade celebration, but they decided to continue this parade post-COVID.

“So this was our COVID parade. In 2020 and 2021 we started this as a way to gather together in a more safe manner. When we weren’t able to have that parade that we had yesterday, we did this. I remember at the beginning of the year everyone was asking are you still doing the drive your pride event, and we had so many people request to do it that we said absolutely. We have to continue it,” said Alex Sphon, President of NWPA Pride Alliance.

Participants met at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center around 1 p.m. and left for the ride at 2 p.m.