The NWPA Pride Alliance hosted its first donation drive for the year.

A few times every year, the Pride Alliance comes together and holds a drive to give back to their community. Initially, the group started this event in 2020, during the pandemic, asking for boots and coats but are now looking for any warm clothes and blankets the public is willing to offer. The president of the NWPA Pride Alliance said these donation drives give the group an active part in their community and a way to give back.

“What we’re doing today, our community coming together, is just helping out the Erie community and that sense of unity is  what’s really needed right now, especially when there’s a lot of division based off everything. This is our community, the LGBT community of Erie, coming together to help out the general Erie community” said Alex Sphon, President of the NWPA Pride Alliance.

The group is dropping off one truck load and one SUV full of coats, boots, blankets and other needed supplies to the community shelter services. The Pride Alliance will also be hosting a food drive and back-to-school drive later this year.