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NWS Cleveland meteorologists and our own Tom Atkins host winter weather Skywarn session

Residents in the Erie region are no strangers to severe winter weather, in fact there are some people who help track it.

On Thursday, meteorologists from the National Weather Service in Cleveland, along with our own Tom Atkins hosted the first Skywarn winter weather training session. 

"The weather service has computers and the radar and the models, but that doesn't have all the detail," said Bob Herman, Franklin Township resident. "They are dependent on multiple spotters to give the details to fill in the blanks if you will."  Herman has been a Skywarn spotter for many years. 

"We live in a snow belt, we are a suburb of Edinboro and we get a lot of snow and we have a lot of snow emergencies," said Herman. 

During the talk, officials discussed last winter's storm and how people can accurately measure snow. This coming after last winter's total snowfall was reduced from  198.5 inches to 166.3 inches due to inaccurate snow measurements. 

"We fought really hard to keep that record, but we we're kind of out voted on the committee," said Christine Riley. National Weather Service meteorologist Christine Riley says snow measuring is not a simple process and measurers have to have the right tools.

"What we like to make sure of is that if people are measuring snow that we would like them to have a snow board," said Riley. "So that it's something hard to measure snow on." Riley added that it is easy to over estimate snow if a person is measuring it on something like grass. 

If you want to join one of these sessions, they are free and open to the public. 

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