Nyon Warren’s aunt and cousin speak about Nyon, police, and the fatal hit and run…

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60-year-old Sebardundi Yohana arrested today, suspected driver in fatal hit and run incident on Buffalo Road. That accident taking the life of six-year-old Nyon Warren.

As Erie Police make significant progress in this investigation, some family members are now speaking out about how this is just the start.

Thursday’s arrest comes after nearly one month of investigating family members of the young boy, now expressing their gratitude to police. 

Randeza Warren, Nyon’s Aunt, tells us, “I’m really proud of the police they worked really hard like they worked really hard to get this suspect.”

Cashmere Knight, Nyon’s Cousin, saying, “I’m happy about the police because they’ve been trying hard to catch him.”

The fatal accident happened back on April 3rd. Since then, surveillance footage from over 50 locations has been reviewed by police, who just released photos of the suspected van, a grey Honda Odyssey.

Police say there is no evidence the suspect ever applied the brakes in an effort to stop after hitting the boy.

The vehicle is owned by First-Time Learners Academy, an Erie Day Care Center on McClelland Avenue where the suspect is employed.

Nyon’s aunt says, “Even though we are still going through this situation, I will get stronger and the rest of my family will as well.”

As family members continue to honor Nyon’s memory, they reflect on how things would be if the accident never happened.

Cashmere tells us, “I love my cousin because if he was here right now, I would be at his house right now and I’d be playing with him.”

Erie Police have told us that as of right now, Yohana has admitted to driving the vehicle, however, he claims he did not hit Nyon.

We have also tried to reach out to First Time Learners Academy but they declined to comment on camera.

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