Officer stabbed in Michigan airport

Local News

The FBI has joined the investigation into the stabbing of a police officer at the Flint, Michigan Airport.

Doctors saying this morning that Lieutenant Jeff Neville is now alert, awake and lucky to be alive after a harrowing attempt on his life Wednesday Morning.  

The FBI saying the syspect, a Canadian citizen originally from Tunisia, slashed Neville in the throat and back.  Investigators say the suspect entered the US legally through Lake Champlain, New York.

In the days leading up to the attack, he attempted to buy a gun but was denied.  David Gellius, FBI Special Agent in Charge, says, “when the subject stabbed the officer, he continued to exclaim ‘Allah!’ and he made a statement to the effect of ‘you killed people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re all going to die.'”

The suspect is now facing several charges including committing violence at an airport.  Prosecutors say more charges could be coming.

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