Drivers traveling through Girard Borough today were surprised with what officers were handing out.

Instead of tickets, officers were handing out McDonald’s gift cards.

Patrolman Ryan Zuern has been part of the event for three years and says it’s a blast.

“This gives us the opportunity to have a good interaction and show people that we’re in the holiday spirit as well,” said Ryan Zuern, patrolman, Girard Borough.

The Girard Borough Police were pulling over drivers for minor infractions today, but instead of walking away with a ticket, they walked away with a gift card and a candy cane.

“I feel great about it. It’s not everyday that you can help people. It may not be helping people with hundreds of thousands of dollars, but just that little bit, that shred of decency, and a good human interaction, it means more than people realize,” said Zuern.

Austin Ryan and his family were the next people to be pulled over.

“We got our pictures taken for Christmas, then we came around the corner, he threw the lights on and we were like ‘we just pulled out. We didn’t know what we did,'” said Austin Ryan, Girard Resident.

After patrolman Zuern walked back with a gift card and candy cane, the nerves and tension seemed to melt away.

“It’s nice. It was really cool. Usually people are just bashing the police, saying they are doing bad things, but today that was not the case. They did something nice for us,” said Ryan.