With colder temperatures returning, a reminder to protect your car.  Police say puffers attract car thieves.  A puffer is a vehicle that’s left running, unattended, and unlocked.  

Despite the fact that you might want to get into a warm car, these cars are very easily stolen.  Police say about half of Pennsylvania’s stolen cars are puffers.  Car experts say there’s no need to warm up a car before you drive it.

Steve Wheeler of the PA Auto Theft Prevention Authority says, “It only takes a few seconds to steal this car. And the convenience that you’re going to find from getting into a warm car is outweighed by the inconvenience you’re going to find when your car’s not there. You can’t pick your child up from soccer practice today, you can’t go and get that prescription from the pharmacy, your medical appointment has to be put off — all of those things, your life has become instantly affected.”

If you insist on a warmed up car, consider using a remote starter so the car shuts down if someone tries to take it without the key.  But, as always, be on the lookout.