It was a busy Wednesday morning for emergency crews in North East after a tractor-trailer started smoking and spilling oil at a gas station.

This happened around 9 a.m. at the Kwik Fill off of Exit 45 on I-90.

Crews said the truck was having a mechanical issue and they had to get the motor to stop running. They were busy in “hazmat mode,” trying to keep the leaking oil from going into storm drains by putting down absorbent pads and sand to try to stop the spill.

“With the incident like in East Palestine, Ohio, this is the real-life right here. I know it’s not a train, it’s just a semi-truck and it’s some oil on the ground. But first responders are trained to, once the incident has stabilized, let’s go ahead and start protecting, keeping it out of the storm drain. Because the storm drain is eventually going to empty into a creek, and you don’t want that stuff in your water supply,” said Lt. Chris Skrekla, North East Fire Department.

The lieutenant said the situation will be turned over to the Kwik Fill hazmat team.