On day one of Anthony LaCastro trial, we learn LaCastro may have had intent to shoot police…

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In January of 2018, just before 1am, police responded to a domestic call in the 2300 block of Dorn Road.  That’s where they found then 71-year old Anthony LaCastro outside with an AR-15 assault rifle.
He fired shots and so did the troopers.

More than a year later, the case makes its way to trial.

Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri telling the jury LaCastro told his wife if EMS or police came down the driveway, he would shoot them.

Daneri asking the jury to find LaCastro guilty on all 27 counts, saying, “He took a substantial step toward killing with the intent to kill.”

Defense Attorney Brian Arrowsmith agrees LaCastro made poor decisions that night, but he says there was no intent to hurt anyone, much less kill.  In fact, the defense argues LaCastro had no knowledge state police were coming to his home.

Arrowsmith explaining to the jury, “Before he knows what happens, he gets shot in the stomach and he goes down.”

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