One Local Mother Struggling With Limited Visitations To See Her Daughter in Group Home Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyday life, for some more than others.

One mother spoke out about her struggles to see her intellectually disabled child who lives in a group home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, but some families just a little bit more, especially for some with intellectually disabled children.

Since March 15th, it’s a heartbreaking adjustment for Shelly Sheridan.

“We get it, we know why we have to do this,” said Sheridan.

“She does not. All I think about is she sits there thinking where are they? Why have my parents not picked me up?”

For the past three months Sheridan has been unable to physically see her daughter, 35-year-old Ashley Sheridan who is a resident at the Erie Homes for Children and Adults.

Prior to COVID-19, Ashley could have come home on Sunday’s to visit her family members and engage within the community.

This marks the longest Sheridan has gone without seeing her child.

It’s an adjustment that’s taking a toll on her, her husband and kids as well as extended family.

Now, with the help of technology they get to communicate via Facetime every day.

“She has some understanding of things, but this no. I just always feel like she thinks we’ve abandoned her and we’re never going to get her again.

However, Sheridan says she’s thankful for the staff at EHCA, the staff says this has been a challenging experience all around.

“Not being able to have our families visit here, the staff members having to work with the individuals, keeping everyone safe and secure,” says Erie Homes for Children and Adults Chief Operational Officer Beverly Keep.

“Our mission is to help our individuals live rich and fulfilling lives.”

She added, they strived to keep families connected in someway.

“Everyday, it’s a different landscape here, it’s changing for all of us. So it is a little more difficult for our individuals because they don’t understand why I can’t see my mom.”

To help lessen the lack of physical visiting, Erie Homes for Children and Adults has allowed parents to see loved ones through window visits, however for some it seems to be harder to the individual as well as parents.

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