One million dollars will be used to create a rail commission in Erie County

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One million dollars will be used to create a rail commission in Erie County.

This news coming after Erie County Council members made their final votes on October 26th.

Erie County Council members voted yes for the ordinance to use one million dollars from the gaming settlement money for the rail future commission.

The decision was not an easy one for some.

Residents in Erie County might soon see a new future in more rail transportation.

The county received 4.3 million dollars from the gaming settlement money, but only 2.3 was allocated for this ordinance.

The money will be used to create transformative projects in the community such as to the Hagen History Center Grant, Erie County Redevelopment Authority and Enterprise Fund.

The big push however according to Carl Anderson is using one million dollars from the fund to create a rail future commission in Erie County.

“More consistent rail more stops here in out Erie community. That would be some of the first priorities of the east to west alliance,” said Carl Anderson, Chairman of Erie County Council.

Even though the ordinance passed, the decision was not made without some council members voicing their concerns.

“We always have to keep an eye on the future, but we have right now problems and that was my biggest concern,” said Andre Horton, Councilman for Erie County Council.

“I thought the language for the commission was a little murky, vague, and a little sloppy and didn’t contain enough of the details that it should have contained if we are really looking to invest a million dollars,” said Mary Rennie, Councilwoman for Erie County Council.

County officials said that they expect the commission to partner with a few organizations such as the Lakeshore Rail Alliance and All Aboard Erie.

“Hey Erie we are right in the middle here. We are between three major metropolitan regions Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. We need to start networking in a way that provides better economy and moves people and goods,” said Michael Furhman, Director of Lakeshore Rail Alliance.

As for the next steps, Chairman Anderson has asked members of the council to start creating the commission.

As of right now there is no plan on how the one million dollars will be spent.

Chairman Anderson told us that the decision will be made by the members in the commission once it is created.

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