One of the races to watch, District 16 Congressional, we speak with Kelly and DiNicola today…

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We’re just over 24 hours away from the closing of the polls in the 2018 mid-term election tomorrow.  One of the closely watched races is for the 16th Congressional District between Republican Incumbent Mike Kelly and Democratic Ron DiNicola. 

It’s a tight race and we’re speaking with both candidates ahead of the election.  

Republican Congressman Mike Kelly made rounds at Life Centers, supporting the state’s national programs for all-inclusive care for the elderly. 

Meanwhile, Democratic Candidate Ron DiNicola got some campaign help at his headquarters from Lonnie Ali, Wife of Late-Famed Boxer and Activist Muhammad Ali.  

DiNicola tells us, “I’m proud to be a veteran running for Congress because I think veterans understand the need for accountability in government. They want to get things done. They want to want to accomplish something. They’re not going to be satisfied with the status quo. So, I’m excited about the opportunity.”

And, while Kelly believes the country is headed in the right direction, DiNicola is looking to shake things up. 

Kelly says, “When we see the economic revival that’s taken place, I would hate to think that on one election day, whether it’s Nancy Pelosi or my opponent to get in there–they have vowed to take away the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. They will look to tear up a lot of things that have America back on track.”

Some of the big topics, jobs and health care, including the protection of pre-existing conditions. 

DiNicola says, “The record speaks for itself. When you vote 60 times for repeal and then removing the protection for pre-existing conditions, you have to stand by that record and that’s abysmal.”

But, Kelly says, “There has never been a time that I have not been in favor of making sure the pre-existing conditions are taken care of. That’s just the fact the way they are. I’ll make a pledge, right now. Never would I vote for anything that doesn’t keep preexisting conditions as part of what we do in health care.”

And, after a season of campaigning, now it’s time for the voters to be heard. 

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