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One special family gives a home to some very special furry friends...

There's no other way to say it, the Gryncewicz family has a love for senior and special needs animals.  

It all started with their daughter who spent time volunteering at local shelters.  One day, she asked her dad, Mike, to go with her. 

Mike tells us, "We just started bringing the animals home and it's so heartbreaking to go in there."

Over the last few years, the Gryncewicz's have adopted seven senior and special needs animals and most recently, Ellie and Sissy.  The couple went to the animal shelter to meet Ellie, a completely blind jack russel mix who had been at the shelter for nearly a year and a half. 

Ruth Thompson, Owner of the Anna Shelter, says, "They fell in love with Ellie instantly and it was a connection like that. I mean, they loved her; she loved them, it was awesome."

Mike says, "I'm just like, 'yeah, there's no way. There's no way. She's just not going to stay there any longer.'"

Then, they met Sissy. 

Ruth tells us, "We had a 13-year-old pit bull mix that just nobody wanted because of her age, but she was fantastic!"

The couple made a quick decision to take home both dogs, something that Anna Shelter's Ruth Thompson says is extremely rare.  "I sometimes will go through the kennels and just think, 'you're a lifer!' You know, we're no-kill, so you're going to be here forever. And I kind of get sad."

The Gryncewicz's say adopting these dogs takes patience and acceptance since you only get a few years to love them. 

Brenda Gryncewicz says, "It's OK to adopt an older dog. Yes, it's hard to lose them after just a few years, but they need a home too. I'd rather have them die in a home than in a shelter."

Ellie and Sissy are spending their last few years in the best way, in the arms of those who love them. 

The family says they'll continue adopting senior and special needs dogs. 

The Anna Shelter says low activity homes are best for these kinds of pets, jokingly saying it's like "bringing home grandma". 

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