Opening statements wrap up in trial of man accused of stabbing himself then fatally stabbing his girlfriend in 2018

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Opening statements wrapped up today in a trial for a man accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend last year.

According to the prosecution, James Gilbert fatally stabbed his girlfriend Marinda Matasowski with a kitchen knife, then stabbed himself in the chest.

The stabbing happened at Matasowski’s mothers house in the 5700 block of Mill Street in August 2018.

The prosecution is asking the jury to find Gilbert guilty of first-degree murder.

During opening statements, District Attorney Jack Daneri told the jury that multiple witnesses will testify that Matasowski and Gilbert had an unstable relationship.

The first witness to take the stand today was Matasowski’s mother. She was in the house at the time of the stabbing and witnessed Gilbert stab himself.

The defense decided not to make opening statements.

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