Opponent blasts Sen. Sean Wiley hiring following man’s arrest

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Criminal charges filed against an Erie man have become part of the race for state senate.

Greg Garmon Sr., 51, is charged by Erie police with a shooting on Aug. 7 that injured one man in the 1800 block of Cascade Street.

At the time, Garmon was employed by Sen. Sean Wiley as a receptionist in the District Office and was released immediately following the incidnet.

Wiley’s political opponent, Dan Laughlin, said the incumbent showed a lack of judgment by hiring Garmon in the first place.
Laughlin points to Garmon’s previous legal troubles, which Wiley acknowledges knowing about.

Laughlin said Wiley needed to “own up to his mistake.”

“Instead, Sen. Wiley spent his time trying to scrub everything clean from his Facebook page and senate talk and everything else, instead of owning up to it,” Laughlin said. “ So, I think that speaks volumes about the basic thinking of Sen. Wiley.”

Wiley said the hiring of Garmon was about giving him a second chance.

“It’s really astonishing to me that we have to attempt, that my opponent is attempting to gain, somehow gain, politically by using a situation like this,” Wiley said.  “So, yes,  I find it sad and I find it astonishing.”

Laughlin said he also believes in second chances but would not have hired Garmon.

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