Erie County is making an effort to keep the Bayfront clean with a new device that will remove waste from the water.

The device called a “Seabin” is a floating litter bin that scoops floating debris off the surface of bays and marinas that is place by Keep Erie County Beautiful (KECB).

The Seabin will collect 44 pounds of debris before being emptied by volunteers from local colleges and organizations.

The Erie County Department of Planning and community provided a grant to have eight Seabins installed. They’ve chosen to begin with one as a trial.

A member of the department shared how keeping the Bayfront clean will benefit Erie in the long run.

“The sport fishing is one of the biggest industries in Erie and we need to keep the ecosystem going and this is one way to do it,” said Jon Whaley, Erie County Interim Planning Director.

The Seabin is installed at the public dock where visitors can ready an educational sign about water pollution.