OSU’s football coach, Urban Meyer, on paid leave following the firing of his assistant

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Can you be held liable for not reporting a crime? It’s a question that people are asking as a new scandal emerges from Ohio State University.

Ohio State’s Football Coach Urban Meyer is on paid leave as the University investigates whether he was aware of spousal abuse allegations against his assistant.  That assistant coach was fired last week.

So, what is the law in Pennsylvania regarding the reporting of knowledge of possible crimes?  We spoke with Attorney Eric Purchase about the issue.  He says, “That doesn’t make the employer or employee liable under criminal law, but it does set the parameters of the employment relationship. So, that the employer is free to terminate or alter the employment relationship if there is a violation of the rule.”

Purchase says it would also be a stretch for someone to be held liable for learning about something based on hearsay.  That being said, he says employers can set their own rules beyond the requirements of the law. 

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