Outdoor dining reopens for Pennsylvania restaurants in the yellow and green phase

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Restaurants across Erie County will soon welcome it’s guests back to dine-in, at least outside.

This comes after Governor Tom Wolf announced counties in the yellow phase can reopen restaurants with restrictions.

We spoke to some restaurant owners about what they are doing to prepare.

Restaurant owners and even a server we spoke to told us that they are thrilled to re-open to guests, but they tell us some preparations still need to be put in place in order to keep you safe.

Restaurant owners across Erie County are eager to reopen their doors to guests on June 5th for outdoor dining.

Governor Wolf announced on Wednesday afternoon restaurants may reopen in the yellow and green phase while adhering to guidelines.

“Since that happened, our phones have been blowing up and people want to know right away are we going to reopen June 5th and absolutely we will. Of course we will have our service and we will adhere to any guidelines that we need to,” said Dawn Griffith, Owner of Schickalay’s on the Bay.

Griffith told us that she has been looking forward to welcoming guests back and having them on her spacious outdoor patio.

Under Governor Wolf’s guidance for reopenings, customers being served must be seated at a table, restaurants should not use reusable menus and condiments must be dispensed by employees.

One server told us that the wait has been worthwhile and she is excited to see her regular guests once again.

“I’ve been working only a few days from when it was five days to six days, so it’ll be nice to get back on a regular routine and be able to talk to everybody and see all of the old faces again,” said Brandy Heath, Server at Calamari’s.

Other restaurants like The Cork 1794 tell us that this pandemic has helped create new safety measures to put in place.

“A safer approach to doing what we’re doing. We’ve been fortunate to do that take out program and curbside program and that’s allowed us to get down to the nitty gritty of things and get our staff and management trained on these new guidelines,” said Nick Roschi, Operations Manager of the Cork 1794.

The Cork will operate at half capacity and looks to space all outdoor patio dining six feet apart for guests safety.

The Cork says that they will not be reopening Molly Brannigan’s immediately on June 5th. However, the Skunk and Goat Tavern in North East will reopen on June 5th.

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