Over 150 old tires removed from behind Erie High School today

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Eliminating a breeding ground for mosquitos and recycling was the main goal of a long-overdue clean-up effort at Erie High School this morning.

The Erie County Department of Health and the Department of Planning organized the clean-up.  Around 150 tires were removed from school property this morning.  The Erie School District will transport the tires to Pro Waste Services for recycling.  

Not only are discarded tires unsightly, they can collect water and serve as a breeding habitat for mosquitos. 

Director of the Erie Department of Health, Karen Tobin, says, “this is important because it’s in our populated area so anywhere that we find the tires, even if it’s somebody’s backyard, we try to get people to empty the water out of them put a tarp over them. “

The clean-up was made possible by a mosquito-borne disease control grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

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