Over 800 people gather at Perry Square for the annual Walk to end Alzheimer’s

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More then 800 people and 94 teams stepped forward to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s at the annual “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” event at Perry Square.

Kristen Gehrlein, Erie Walk to End Alzheimer’s Chair says, “We have everyone here from caregivers, to those who were lost to Alzheimer’s and those that actually have Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a way to get awareness and advocacy to educate people and raise funds,”

Step by step, people walked for two miles from Perry Square to help vocalize the importance of awareness.

Matthew Trott, an advocate says, “There’s over $290 billion dollars spent on care for Alzheimer’s victims and we want to make sure congressmen, senators, know how many people this affects,”

Each flower symbolizes someone that’s been affected by Alzheimer’s.

Chris Romance, an Alzheimer’s patient is fighting the disease she’s had for the past six months that’s affecting her vision. Her husband Dan has been there every step of the way.

“I tell her when we’re going to have to step up or step down, we can just walk along, and nobody knows what we’re doing, that’s the support I give her everyday,” Romance said.

Char Deufel, walk participant says, “My mom lost her ability to speak, to walk, to talk, even to eat, so it’s really important to me and I do it every year, and I’ll be here until I can’t do it anymore,”

The event has raised over $161,000 for research and development to fight against the disease.

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