Application for the vacant Erie City Council position is closed.

More than a dozen applicants are looking to fill that seat. On Wednesday, Feb. 1, selected candidates will interview with city council members.

Former council president Liz Allen resigned several weeks ago, and the new council president said they have some strong candidates.

“Of the 19 candidates, we have one former council member, a handful of former candidates and a lot of people that have different authorities and nonprofit board experience that is pretty relevant to the council. It should be a pretty exciting batch,” said Chuck Nelson, Erie City Council president.

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, each of the six members of the council will pick five candidates they would like to interview. Nelson said the public should feel included in the process.

“The interview process is all going to be open to the public. It’s all going to be streamed as well, so we’ll have a chance for you to see what it is that we’re considering. I think the public going to be happy seeing how transparent the process is. “

Long-time city Councilman Ed Brzezinski said it’s important that this position is filled by somebody with experience.

“We’re going to have somebody that’s very pragmatic — somebody that knows what’s going on and takes off the rose-colored glasses because when you’re young everything is able to be done. We’re all bulletproof, but then there’s a reality that sets in. We still have a deficit,” said Ed Brezinski, Erie City councilman.

Brezinski said he hopes he’s surprised at next week’s meeting.

“The glaring thing that I see is inexperience, and we sure don’t need inexperience. That’s the bottom line,” Brezinski added.

Interviews will take place on Thursday, Feb. 9.