Overdose death rate decreases in Erie County

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The death rates for overdoses is going down in the commonwealth and that statistic remains true in Erie County.

According to the states preliminary 2019 data it shows the death rate is down one percent.

The Erie county coroner explained that in 2019 the county had 76 overdose deaths compared to 82 in 2018 and 112 in 2017.

The coroner also stated that so far this year Erie County has 49 overdose deaths.

“Thirty five this year have been due to fentanyl both alone and in concert with other drugs. Number two is cocaine we’re seeing almost no heroin at this point and I don’t know what that has to do with or what causes that, but it’s mostly fentanyl and cocaine,” said Lyell Cook, Erie County Coroner.

Cook explained that there has also been an increase in methamphetamine use.

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