Owner of home where 11 dead dogs were found gets fined

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Magisterial Judge Dominick DiPaolo has ordered that Donald J. Vendetti must get mental health counseling and pay court costs and restitution, after 11 dogs were found dead in his home at 3502 Cherry St. in June.

DiPaolo also ruled that Vendetti, 66, must give up ownership of the four surviving dogs and not own another dog for at least a year.

Along with surrendering the dogs, Vendetti must pay back vet fees that total $362.

As of Wednesday, the Humane Society is now the official owner of the dogs and are now able to spay and neuter the dogs and put them up for adoption. 

“This is probably the second worst house I’ve ever been to,” said Lisa Stiles, chief investigating officer for the Humane Society. “We are happy to get them out of there.”

Four dogs were found living and were taken to the Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania for treatment.

If Vendetti does not comply with any of the rulings, he will be taken to jail for at least four months.

Erie police and the Humane Society were called to the Cherry Street home on June 17 and discovered 11 rotting dog corpses inside with four dogs still alive.

There was no running water or electricity in the home.

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