PA Attorney General files suit against father and son plumbers for defrauding customers

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Attorney General Josh Shapiro today announced that the Bureau of Consumer Protection has filed a lawsuit and seeking an injunction against Howard Stahl, of Pearl Plumbing, Inc. his son Nolan Stahl and his current business Stahl Brothers Plumbing. They are accused of allegedly defrauding customers in the course of recommending the unnecessary replacement of sewer piples.

Nolan Stahl of Erie County formerly worked with his father Howard, of Allegheny County as a service technician. He currently does business as the “Rooter Man” in Erie and Crawford counties to name a few.

An investigation revealed that while Nolan worked for Howard’s business, Howard was well aware of complaints from customers. However, Howard Stahl continued to demand payment from defrauded consumers, rejected efforts to cancel contracts and failed to take any corrective action against the service technicians.

The final order is for a total of $128,100, including $72,000 in restitution for consumers and $40,000 in civil penalties and $15,000 in costs. The money will be paid over several years.

It also includes injunctive relief, including one prohibiting Nolan and Pearl Plumbing from operation as home improvement contractors in the commonwealth.

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