Governor Josh Shapiro was in town Thursday to highlight his budget proposal that will expand the property tax/rent rebate program.

He says this will help seniors stay in their homes. The governor also says this will provide a lifeline to renters and homeowners, who many of them are seniors.

Pennsylvania’s democratic governor Josh Shapiro visited the Erie West Senior Center on West 8th Street.

He outlined his budget and how it can help seniors.

He says his administration is doing everything they can to both tackle rising costs and put more money in seniors’ pockets.

He outlined his property tax/ rent rebate. And how it can help seniors on fixed incomes.

“Every year the property tax rent rebate gives a few hundred bucks to low income renters and homeowners helping them helping them to afford to pay their rent and pay for property taxes, buy new tire or simply be able to stay in their homes,” said Josh Shapiro (D), Governor of Pennsylvania.

That’s how its designed to work.

You can watch Governor Shapiro’s full news conference here.

His budget proposal raises the maximum rebate for seniors from $650 to $1000. Also increases the income cap for renters and homeowners to $45k a year and ties the cap to increase in the cost of living.

“The people that benefit from this rebate are our neighbors, our friends, many of you here today, family members, especially here in northwestern PA,” Governor Shapiro said.

Danny Jones with Greater Erie Community Action Committee said its important the governor heard from struggling seniors.

“When you hear from people who are impacted by it, it makes a significant difference and a woman just told me the other day that she went over by $25 and because of that she could not get the $600 rebate, so she had to make some decisions on what bill to pay,” said Danny Jones, GECAC CEO.

The governor said in 2020 over 16,000 people in the area depended on the rebate to cover the extra costs to help them say in their homes.

The governor adds 175,000 more PA seniors would qualify for the program and many of the 400,000 who already do would see their rebates nearly double.