PA Lawmakers sued for Gerrymandering

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The Governor and State Lawmakers are being sued in court.  The claim is gerrymandering.

The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and individual voters announced a lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania’s 2011 Congressional District Map, calling it an Unconstitutional Partisan Gerrymander.  

Gerrymandering refers to manipulating voting district lines to benefit a party.  According to the suit filed in the State Commonwealth Court, the League of Women Voters and 18 individuals represented one of the state’s 18 congressional districts and asked the court to strike down PA’s current congressional map, and order a new one before the next election.

Voters contend Pennsylvania elected officials manipulated the Congressional District boundaries to entrench a majority Republican delegation in Congress and minimize the ability of Democratic voters to elect US House Representatives.

After that happened, democratic congresswoman, Kathy Dahlkemper, lost her re-election bid to Republican, Mike Kelly.  
The lawsuit was filed against the state and state leaders.  While most of them were not involved in drawing the current map, they would be the ones responsible for designing a new one, should the court side with the plaintiffs.
For the past 30 years, several suits challenging gerrymanders have been rejected by the courts, but currently several challenges to congressional and state legislative maps will go to court soon.
Every 10 years, voting lines are redrawn with the census.

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