PA legislators consider passing Community Solar Projects bill

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Lawmakers at the State Capitol have introduced a bill they say will benefit the solar energy industry here in Pennsylvania.

The bill, which has bi-partisan support, enables what are called, ‘Community Solar Projects’ here in Pennsylvania.  If passed, residents or businesses can subscribe to a portion of an off-site solar project and receive credit on their electric bill for the power produced, just like if solar panels were in their roof.

Supporters say people who may participate in these projects can include renters who aren’t allowed to install solar panels or people who live in shaded areas or have a roof that just isn’t compatible with having solar panels. 

18 other states allow these community solar projects and supporters of House Bill 531 say it would be a huge benefit to Pennsylvania’s economy.

Representative Aaron Kaufer, who sponsored the bill, says, “Not only will this bill protect our environment, but it will also spur on the state’s growing solar industry, through a newly opened market, by providing individuals with the investment opportunity to benefit from an extra revenue stream, while reducing both their energy cost and carbon footprint.”

A similar bill was introduced late last session but never made it out of committee.

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