State senators are introducing legislation that will ban a video-sharing app from state-owned networks and devices.

The legislation would prevent state government agencies from downloading and using the TikTok app.

Officials argue the app presents a threat to cyber security across the commonwealth. The FBI director said the Chinese government could use TikTok to control data collection on millions of users in the United States.

Representative Ryan Bizzarro said he’s not sure if this should be their top priority; however, the public’s safety is most important.

“We have plenty of issues facing the nation and Pennsylvania. I think the people that elected us elected us to do a job that benefits them on a daily basis. Certainly, the monitoring and policing what’s on Tik Tok is probably not in their top priorities, but again if it’s something that the public thinks that we need to address, of course we’ll fix it,” said State Representative Ryan Bizzaro.

Congress recently approved a similar ban that prohibits TikTok on federal devices.