You now have a chance to win thousands of dollars without entering a casino due to the new PA online I-Lottery.

“After 46 years of selling our product one way, we needed to modernize,”  said PA Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko. “We have to protect funding for older Pennsylvanians for generations to come.” All the games on I-lottery are new and you can’t play draw games, fast play games or scratch offs with I-Lottery. “Those games are sold only at 9,400 retailers all across the commonwealth,” said Svitko. When your playing games on the I-lottery app, you are able to set boundaries like time limits and you are not able to use a credit card while your playing. 

You have to link your debit card or bank account when you sign up for I-Lottery. “I have this award that I could get some money for something that doesn’t really exist but possibly could exist,” said Licensed Professional Counselor Rob Giannamore. “So you can see how it goes from one step to the other.” Giannamore has treated people with gambling addictions. He says the I-Lottery limitations  could be helpful or harmful depending on your level of addiction. “So you go over the boundary and then you have the guilt-shame cycle that goes along with it, you can see how that would spiral out of control,” said Giannamore. I-Lottery also allows players to take  a “cool-off” period of up to 30 days or self exclude for one year to five years. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, you can also call  at 1-800 gambler for help.