As we “fall back” for the end of daylight-savings the office of the PA state commissioner is highlighting the importance of fresh batteries in alarms and detectors.

Thomas Cook, the PA Commissioner encouraged the public to change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors this weekend.

Smoke alarms can decrease the risk of entrapment during a fire by as much as half and missing or dead batteries are the most common cause of malfunctions.

Cook also reminds people of what he calls ‘the silent killer’ as we enter cooler seasons. Carbon monoxide is an order less, colorless, tasteless gas that can incapacitate victims before they are aware they have been exposed.

“Since everything is made out of plastic now and not natural materials, burn hotter and faster so where down to less than two minutes technically once the fire starts for people to exit the home to be trapped and excited the home so early warning is what this is all about,” Cook said.

Cook recommends that alarms are tested at least once a month.