PA State Police back-peddle out of Harborcreek location agreement

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The Pennsylvania State Police were almost finalized to move to Harborcreek Township, but pulled out of the deal.

The PSP have been at their Lawrence Park location for 50 years and the Harborcreek Township was offering a location.

At first glance, you can see that the Pennsylvania State Police Lawrence Park Barracks has been there for a while and they have been looking for a new location to move to.  That’s when the Harborcreek Township offered up land to donate, but there was one issue with it…

Harborcreek Supervisor Joseph Peck says, “they did determine that there were two wetland areas on the 13.5 acres that the township was donating to them.”

According to Peck, they still moved forward with the plan. “They designed the whole property around the wetland area. I thought that was resolved well over a year ago. “

The other concern was over a traffic light to be installed at the state police’s request. However, that location does not require a light system to be placed.  One proposed offer was to add a flashing yellow light the state police could activate.

State Representative Curt Sooney says, “putting a light up that they could activate, so… they wouldn’t have an issue getting in and out.  Where is there red light today?”

But, Sooney also pointed out that their current location does not have a traffic light and tells us, “what disappoints me more than anything is the time and money spent up to this point.”

We did talk to PSP Captain Daniel Hines.  He says this is an unfortunate event and that they are looking for new land.

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