In Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania House Health Subcommittee held a hearing revisiting a popular debate; should recreational use of marijuana be legalized for the Commonwealth?

Pennsylvania is one of many states that have not yet legalized marijuana and this debate is being brought to the PA House once again.

Wednesday, a Pennsylvania House Health Subcommittee hearing took place addressing legalizing recreational use of marijuana for adults.

State Representative Kathy Rapp is the House Committee Minority Chair and said that they heard testimony from both sides and gained a lot of information.

The hearing consisted of three panels that testified.

“The first two gentlemen that testified were both pretty much opposed to legalization because of the risks involved, mostly toward our youth and communities,” said Kathy Rapp, House Committee Minority Chair, State Representative (R).

Rep. Rapp agrees with those who oppose, adding other concerns such a mental health, and intensity of use.

“To me, it’s just another component of the break down of society. I don’t understand, it just seems like people are always looking for something to escape to, something to help them escape. I just don’t buy into a lot of the reasons why we have to have products like marijuana,” Rep. Rapp explained.

Revenue was one of the main arguments for those who are for it.

One example Rep. Rapp said was brought up is many Pennsylvanians are already crossing state lines to obtain marijuana so the state should legalize and collect tax revenue.

“In most of the states that we looked at is much lower than what is promised as far as how much revenue actually goes into the state budget,” Rapp said. “Is it worth the risk?”

Other state officials such as Senator Dan Laughlin have introduced bipartisan legislations in the senate to legalizes adult use of marijuana in PA.

Rep. Rapp said there is another hearing scheduled soon that she hopes to visit this debate.