Despite some push back opening day for deer season will continue to be the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and Pennsylvania state Senator Dan Laughlin gave his reaction to this decision.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission voted unanimously to stick with a Saturday opening day, which was instituted in 2019. State Sen. Dan Laughlin said this decision gives some hunters more opportunities to hunt on Saturday.

State Sen. Laughlin added that the change benefits families who were previously worried about missing school or work on Monday.

“A lot of working families have that weekend off, it’s a holiday weekend for most people, and it gives people an option to go out and get out in the woods. The folks that want to hunt Monday obviously still can. We didn’t take that away from them, and this is just one of those items. You’re not going to please everybody,” said Pennsylvania State Senator Laughlin (R-49).

Final approval from the board is scheduled for April 15.