PACA is on the upswing and things are about to get even brighter

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Since its inception, the PACA building has grown to be bigger and brighter each year.  The plan is to make PACA a building where art and new businesses can thrive.

PACA’s plan aspires to grow the fourth and fifth floor of its building by adding some new condos.  

Artistic Director Mark Tanenbaum tells us that PACA is growing at a high speed and they currently have 30 tenants.  The electrical work inside of the building has already been redone, which makes the building more safe and efficient. 

Tanenbaum says, “I think PACA’s idea was right time, right place type of thing. Erie’s art scene was ready to have a location and they needed to have an art center; PACA’s becoming that, whether we do the plays or we do the art shows.”

Security cameras are going to be put outside and inside of the building, which Tanenbaum should be done soon.

Owner of Archery Encounters, Tim Case, tells us, “the exterior lighting will not only light up the PACA building, but also the nearby area underneath the bridge. “

New businesses like Archery Encounters have been added to the building, which will also bring in a new crowd.  Case says, “all the businesses in the building will be exposed to a more steady stream of clientele people that maybe don’t know that this exists and all it has to offer. “

Only two art studios are empty right now, and renovations are expected to take around five years. 

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