Pair of Erie County Courtrooms close early for the day after reports of bed bugs

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An itching discovery leads to a pair of Erie County courtrooms to close early for the day.

JET 24 Action News’ Chelsey Withers has a look on what the County is doing in response.

After reports of one bed bug found at the entrance to the Erie County Courthouse, judges, lawyers, workers and the public left early in two courtrooms, one of the recessed courtrooms was the site of the Leonard Jordan trial. Once the discovery was made, the County’s operation and facility got underway with their investigation.”

“To make sure that if there are some bed bugs, and again, we have to recall that this is allegedly,” said Gary Lee, Director of Administration for Erie County. “If there are some bed bugs, the exterminating product will take care of it.”

According to Lee, there may have been a bed bug found in three locations in the courthouse, although teams searching for anymore unwanted creatures didn’t find any.

“We will exterminate because at the end of the day, it is the health and safety of our public that is foremost.” Lee said.

The procedures that took place so people could walk in as normal tomorrow is something that is done on a regular basis inside the courthouse.

“The truth be known our operations and facility team exterminate on a regular basis, due to the public nature of the courthouse being open,” Lee said. “So, this occurrence being brought to light is bringing light to the public of course, but this is something on a regular routine we exterminate and address at the courthouse.”

The courthouse is scheduled to reopen Thursday morning. As for those who may be nervous to reenter the building…

“I can assure you that the County of Erie, our operations and facility team will take the necessary precautions to make sure and eradicate any bed bugs in the courthouse.” Lee said

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