After the mass shooting that took place in Texas on Tuesday, parents are attempting to figure out how to discuss this topic with their kids.

Parents we spoke with said they aren’t sure how to bring this topic up to their kids, but local experts are weighing in on how you can start this process.

Parents are at a loss for words following a school shooting that took place at an elementary school in Texas.

“Devastating, and it hit right close to home because our daughter is in elementary school here,” said Michael Thiemann, Erie Parent.

Thiemann isn’t sure on how to begin to explain this situation to his daughter.

“My wife and I just because it’s been so recent haven’t decided yet how to bring it up to her, and thankfully we kind of no offense to journalists, we shield her from the news a little bit. Right now we are selective on what she learns, but we’ll have to talk to her about it,” said Thiemann.

One of the main goals to reach for in a situation like this is to have an open line of communication with your family.

“The most important thing is to one acknowledge it and set that time aside to say hey let’s sit down and let’s talk about this. What are you feeling? What are you thinking and how can we as a family develop a support system for you and us to keep this communication open,” said Dr. Tyler Titus, Counselor, Life Balance Counseling & Wellness.

A change in behavior from your kids could be a sign that they are having trouble.

“Children may not want to be alone at any part of their day, and so maybe for a week or so parents can get together and say okay we are all going to hangout in the living room and watch a Disney movie and we are all going to be together for these nights,” said Paul Lukach, Executive Director of the Crime Victim Center.

“The best thing we can do for any of our kids is be there to comfort them, assure them of safety, and can’t with a clear conscious promise that it won’t happen close to home,” said Thiemann.

Lukach also said that if it’s hard for families to open up for a conversation to get professional help.

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