Park managers and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers head to Presque Isle to look at current conditions

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Presque Isle State Park managers and members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers made their way to the beaches today.

The goal of the bi-annual walk is to take a look at the current conditions of the beaches, which includes things like erosion from the water and seeing the impact to the beach infrastructure.

Engineers are taking a look at their spring/summer nourishment to the beaches and they are taking an in-depth look at the placement of sand. The hope is to find what is not working

Finding from today’s walk will help to plan for the distribution of sand for 2020. Members from today’s walk say that it’s important for them to get out on the beach and take a look adding they expect to see high erosion.

“We did see a record placement of sand since the break waters we completed in 1993 owing to the high waters and erosion we’ve seen,” said Weston Cross, a coastal geologist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The placement of sand is around a $3,000,000 project according to Cross. Funding however is split between the Army Corps of Engineers and the State.

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